Konvex Storage Systems


Increased storage and better organization for a logistics company in Mexico

General information

Sector Private: Transport & logistics
Location México
Solution Pallet rack, Mezzanines

One of the most important logistics companies in Mexico that manages the logistics and transport of companies in the financial, commercial and textile sectors needed to expand and improve their distribution center and thus be able to manage more efficiently the goods, increase storage capacity and leverage space.

To this end, he relied on the experience of KONVEX for the installation of a Mezzanine and various alignments of Pallet Rack.

In this project, a mezzanine of two floors with capacity for 500 Kgs/M2 was designed, contributing a total of 800 M2 more of space destined to the storage. Pallet rack were installed for the palletizing material, the universal solution for this type of material being a versatile, simple and adaptable system.

With the finishing of the components in the client’s corporate colors, the corporate image is increased and improved in face of suppliers and workers, it also creates a custom working environment different from any other distribution center.