Konvex Storage Systems


More available space and greater profitability for a major textile logistics company

General information

Sector Private: Transport & logistics
Location Riudellots de la Selva (Spain)
Solution Mezzanines

The leading company in fashion logistics in Spain opted for KONVEX solutions for the profitability of its Fulfillment center  located in Riudellots de la Selva (Spain). This center is in charge of the planning, reception, storage and distribution of the orders of its clients either for e-commerce or for the supply of physical stores.

The clients’ main requirements for the optimization of this center were mainly to increase the available space since it had a strategic location, build a safe space for the employees who daily work in the center and being an ergonomic workspace.

To satisfy those requirements, the best solution was to install two mezzanines with a heavy load capacity of 500 Kg/m2 which lead to an increase of the companies’ space to approximately 11.000m2, meaning a 50% increase on the current space of the company.


  • Efficiency increase of the distribution center: The more centralized the business operative is, the more productive the company is, which translates into a quick return of investment.
  • 50% more space: the centers’ available space has been doubled, the two floor mezzanines are a wise choice which guarantees an increase of the space in any distribution center.
  • Maximum safety: the building flame retardant materials guarantee a safe workplace.