Konvex Storage Systems


Total system integration for a major distributor of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Información general

Sector Private: Pharmacy & cosmetics
Localización Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
Solución Pallet rack, Flow rack, Integrated project, Mezzanines, Shelving

Due to the expansion of an important representative of cosmetic laboratories, pharmaceuticals and Vets of the Dominican Republic, it decided to invest in a new distribution center in Santo Domingo to provide a faster and complete service to its clients and be able to expand the range of products. To do so, KONVEX developed an integrated solution through Pallet Rack and Mezzanine combined with dynamic Flow Rack order preparation and Shelving systems with manual load.

The implementation of these two different systems led to a perfect organization of the distribution center, which was divided in two zones, one for the veterinary products and the other one for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, as because its condition, these products cannot be mixed.

For the veterinary products’ zone, several alignments of Pallet Rack were installed. In the 0 level is where the half pallets were located, while the other 6 levels contained entire pallets, this way we can take advantage of the floors’ level to do the picking operations directly from the pallets. It should be noted that we used a panel to physically separate this zone from the rest of the warehouse to avoid mixing the veterinary products with the cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

For the cosmetics and pharmaceutical products where the product rotation is higher, several alignments of pallet rack and a Pick Tower Mezzanine which integrates two Flow Rack alignments in its lower part for the order preparation and two picking shelves alignments in its upper part for the storage of material arranged in cardboard boxes, were installed.