Konvex Storage Systems


Advanced distribution center for the largest wholesale distribution company in Mexico

General information

Sector Private: Distribution
Location Aguascalientes (México)
Solution Push-back, Pallet flow, Flow rack, Pallet rack, Integrated project, Enclosures and meshes, Shelving, Mezzanines

The leading Mexican company in the distribution of high consumption products with 6 distribution centers strategically located throughout the country of Mexico relied on the experience of KONVEX for the design and implementation of its new distribution center in Aguascalientes. For the design of this new center, we took into account the handling elements, the different load units, the rotation and the characteristics of the products to provide a comprehensive solution, excellent and functional in order to obtain a better organization, maximum optimization of the space and make the operations faster and easier to offer a better service to its clients.

For high rotation products, solutions were needed in which the loading, storage and preparation operations were executed in a perfect, fast and agile manner. For this, in the areas destined to this type of products, Push-Back systems combined with Pallet Flow were installed.

The Push-Back that follows the LIFO configuration mainly allows the materials to be available at all times and provides a high storage capacity. The Pallet Flow that follows the FIFO configuration allows picking directly from the pallets easily and also being a dynamic system makes the pallets always available in the unloading area.

A two-story Pick tower mezzanine with manual picking system, 3 Push-back levels on the upper part of the mezzanine floor for storage and a simple Pallet rack alignment on one of the sides were installed for the most valuable merchandise area, also for storage. To ensure maximum control of this type of products, this area was closed with safety enclosures.

For the two areas of medium and low turnover where the order picking number is not as high as the high rotation ones, a solution consisting of a double depth Pallet Rack was designed for storage combined with Flow Rack and manual picking in the lower levels with aisle for picking where orders are prepared.

For the areas destined for storage, the installed solution was the simple and double depth Pallet Rack. In storage areas, the Pallet Rack is still one of the best systems for its versatility, adaptability and simplicity.