Konvex Storage Systems



Simple solution for the management of small components and boxes

The shelving system solves the storage and management of products in loading units such as plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, or small loose components. This system allows the management of a great variety of references and an average rotation since the preparation and manipulation are done manually.

This system consists of different alignments forming free corridors for the passage of people.

Pallet Rack + levels for picking

In this combination the upper levels are used for the storage of pallets, while the lower levels are used to prepare orders manually or to store material arranged in smaller load units such as boxes.

Shelving with high bay aisles

As the main intention, this combination takes full advantage of the space available, the elevated corridors allow access to the upper levels easily and safely.


  • Direct access to each reference
  • Perfect stock control
  • Multiple configurations
  • Robust, solid and quality system
  • Correct use of space
  • Flexible to all types of load