Konvex Storage Systems



The optimal and easy solution for palletized loads

The KONVEX pallet rack system is the ideal solution to manage the operation and storage of any palletized material. The direct access to each reference allows a displacement of the pallet easily since there is no need to move any other pallet. It allows perfect control of the stock and adapts perfectly to any measure and weight of the loads. It Is The Most Universal Storage Solution.

It is a very simple system that consists of a set of racks forming storage halls in a warehouse or distribution center where the handling elements circulate. The design and layout of the pallet rack depend directly on the type of handling equipment that will be used in the warehouse as well as the height of the building and the measurements of the loading units.

KONVEX has an extensive range of profiles and accessories that meet the most demanding storage needs.


Wire-mesh tray

Support bars


  • Robust and solid construction
  • Quick assembly
  • Easily adjustable levels
  • Good stock control
  • Wide range of accessories and safety equipment
  • Adaptable to any loading unit