Konvex Storage Systems



Assured efficiency for high turnover products

The pallet flow is a dynamic accumulation system that incorporates rollers placed with a slight slope that allows the sliding of the pallets on them.

This system follows the FIFO configuration (first-in, first-out). The pallets are loaded at the highest point of the rack and slide to the point of discharge. When one is unloaded, the next pallet occupies automatically its space, and the goods are always available.

This type of system is very useful for warehouses that manage perishable products, intermediary zones between work areas and areas of dispatch, areas of preparation of orders, among others.


How Does It Work?

The pallets are introduced by the highest part and these are moved by gravity and at a controlled speed to the opposite end being ready for extraction. The pallets are handled by the narrower side and are moved through the inside of the channels with the lower rollers perpendicular to the roller.

The pallet flow system is very versatile and allows applying different configurations.

Simple configuration

It is the easiest system in which all the levels are destined to the storage equipped with rollers for its displacement.

Push-back + pallet flow

The upper levels (push-back) for the storage lung, feed the down levels (pallet flow) to make the picking directly from the pallets.

Pallet flow + tunnel for picking

In this configuration, the upper levels for storage lung are used and the lower levels are destined for picking.


  • Without intermediate corridors, only the entrance and the exit
  • Products available by the shortest way of each corridor
  • Compact and functional system
  • Versatile system since it adapts to any size and size of pallet
  • Reliable system, is not affected by electrical faults
  • High quality