Konvex Storage Systems


FLOW RACK - Modern and efficient solution for easy, fast and ergonomic order preparation

The Flow Rack system is a dynamic system suitable for picking and ordering operations in a fast, ergonomic and reliable way. Its design allows for a compact storage and perfect visibility of the goods.

This system consists of picking modules with inclined roller levels. They have one side of load and one of discharge, where the products that are deposited at the top slip to the end that leads to the exit corridor.

Simple configuration

This construction is the easiest where there is a place of entry and one of exit also all the levels have the same depth.

System with tray and conveyor

The levels with inclined end (tray) allow a better visualization by the operator in the operations of preparation of orders, in addition the conveyor belt of rollers fit perfectly to this system and allows to displace the prepared and complete products. This combination is the most common thanks to its ergonomics.

Simple module with conveyors in the hallway

In this combination, module alignments are formed leaving a corridor wide enough to install a central conveyor that displaces prepared orders to the dispatch areas.

Pallet rack at the top and Flow rack at the bottom

In this case, it takes advantage of the available height by creating a storage lung at the higher levels which is responsible for feeding the lower levels destined to the preparation of orders.

This configuration is very common because it takes advantage of all the space in height.

Push-back at upper levels and Flow Rack at lower levels

This application is designed from a central order preparation tunnel that takes advantage of the higher levels for storage with dynamic Push-back system following the principle LIFO that thanks to the quick management of the pallets ensures availability for the preparation of orders in a fast and efficient way.


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Possibility of installing the pick to light system
  • Very versatile system
  • Avoids possible errors in operations
  • Ergonomic system
  • No power consumption