Konvex Storage Systems


PUSH-BACK - The reliable system for the management of medium rotation products.

The Push-back system is a dynamic accumulation system that follows the configuration LIFO (last-in, first-out) that allows storing between 2 and 4 pallets in depth.

How does it work? To load a pallet, the forklift pushes the pallet from the hallway to the bottom of the channel with this pallet. When you download a pallet, the one behind it automatically occupies its space, thus leaving all the pallets available.

Like the dynamic Pallet Flow system, the Push-back system is also a very versatile system that allows different configurations as well as configuring it with other systems.

Simple configuration

It is the simplest configuration where all the levels are destined to the storage with rollers for its displacement.

Push-back at the top and Pallet Flow at the bottom level for picking

In this combination we have the upper levels as storage and supply lung which feeds the pallet Flow to make the pick directly from the pallets.

Push-back at the top and Flow Rack at the bottom for order preparation

This application is designed starting from a tunnel for the preparation of central orders taking advantage of the higher levels for the storage with dynamic Push-back system following the LIFO principle, which thanks to the rapid management of the pallets ensures the availability for order preparation quickly and efficiently.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Compact and functional system
  • Versatile system since it adapts to any pallet type and size
  • Reliable system, is not affected by electrical faults
  • High quality
  • Robust construction for an intensive use