Konvex Storage Systems


MEZZANINE - The best space solution for your warehouse

The mezzanines are modular systems that allow taking advantage of the space of any warehouse being able to accommodate one, two or several new floors and therefore, enable new work areas, offices, storage areas, etc. Mezzanine easily increases the available space.

We have a wide variety of constructive systems depending on the load, the distribution of space and the purpose.

Multipurpose Warehouse

The installation of a mezzanine for multi-use is very effective to increase storage space to any warehouse. With a lower cost than a new construction, the mezzanines provide a long-term space management solution allowing to take advantage of the existing building for many years.

Working mezzanine

Industrial warehouses and factories with specialized fabrications require work walkways delineated to perform the work efficiently. This type of facility is extremely safe and efficient in space.


Creating a fully integrated warehouse office helps facilitate administrative tasks that are carried out in factories, warehouses and logistics centers. This type of mezzanine is designed optimally to ensure that the activities carried out underneath are carried out without interruption.

Multi-floor mezzanine

Maintaining an efficient operation is a continuous challenge. Adequate storage space is essential to perform any task efficiently. The installation of a multi-floor mezzanine allows maximizing the cubic area to obtain a greater return on investment than any other alternative.






  • Adaptable to every need
  • Adaptable along with other storage systems
  • Wide range of construction systems
  • Robust, stable and safe system
  • Fast implementation
  • No need for building license