Konvex Storage Systems


DRIVE-IN - Optimal storage for large quantities of a product

The Drive-in system is a compaction-based storage system that takes advantage of both surface and height space. It is a useful system for the storage of large quantities of the same product.

This system is used in sectors where large quantities and few references are managed, and a rotation of these products is not very high.

Drive-In following the LIFO configuration

Is the most common configuration, where the LIFO theory is applied (The last pallet to enter is the first to leave), normally used as a storage warehouse.

This configuration only has a single access where both load and download operations are carried out.

Drive-through following the FIFO configuration

It is a configuration that uses this alignment of shelves as a warehouse regulator, following the theory FIFO (The first pallet to enter is the first to leave), has two aisles, one for the load and the other for the unloading.


  • Possibility of combining it with other systems
  • Adjustable to the characteristics of the load unit, in size, weight and measures
  • Safe, reliable and high-quality system
  • LIFO and/or FIFO configurations