Konvex Storage Systems


ENCLOSURES AND MESHES – Creating a safe workspace

In order to protect certain areas of a warehouse or to prevent possible falls of material from the racks, the enclosures and the anti-fall meshes are the most accurate solution. Safety enclosures create protected areas for both warehouse and machinery personnel and the fall prevention nets prevent any object such as a box, or other type of load unit from falling off the shelf causing possible accidents to operators that are in the warehouse.

The Safety Enclosures consist of different components such as poles, panels and doors fully combine for different zones and needs. These can create protected areas of production robots, storage areas of valuable material, among others.

The Anti-fall meshes also have a wide variety of panels and accessories allowing adapting to different needs and adapting to most of the storage systems.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Soft, modern designs without sharp edges
  • Reinforced posts on welded panels
  • Variety of measures and designs of doors and panels