Konvex Storage Systems



The most effective and practical option to improve your warehouse

The cantilever system is ideal for the storage and handling of materials with voluminous and long cargo units and different sizes. Its arms allow no element to interfere when handling the merchandise. It is an ideal system to optimize productivity and to make profitable your workspace.

The cantilever system is very versatile and adapts to any storage situation. It fits for both indoor and outdoor use, and the easy regulation of the height of the load levels makes it a versatile system for volumetric changes of the loads.

This system offers two types of configurations: unilateral and bilateral. The unilateral configuration only has one load and storage access while the bilateral one has two sides of loading and storage. In a warehouse, you can also find combinations of both.

In KONVEX we have a wide variety of construction systems that adapt to any load need, whether light, medium, or large load, as well as a wide variety of accessories.

Forklift guide rail

Load retainer

Continuous tray



  • Variety of finishes for both indoor and outdoor
  • Levels adjustable in height in a simple way
  • Versatile system for all types of loads: light, medium, large load
  • Easy assembly
  • Robust system
  • Large material support surface