Konvex Storage Systems

Proven experience

Each year KONVEX is involved in the execution of warehouses and distribution centers worldwide. We have the capacity, experience, and knowledge for the design and execution of these projects no matter how complicated they are.

Our methodology enables you to have a single interlocutor for the whole process from the design to the assembly. The Project Manager assigned to your project has proven experience in carrying out international projects.

The coordination is essential for the perfect development of the project.

To guarantee the success of any project we follow an organization and carry out a rigorous procedure that involves different departments like engineering, manufacturing, dispatch, and assembly, all of them coordinated by a Project Manager.

Our objective is to create a project according to the needs of the client based on the nature of its products, merchandise flows, optimization of processes and spaces and safety. Different, oriented and personalized.

We have a competent technical team with experience and ability to design and calculate highly challenging projects.

Our Project Managers are in charge of carrying out the organization to achieve the objectives of the project, from the beginning to the end.

Organization, compliance and results orientation.

The manufacturing is carried out in our own plants located in Spain which have advanced technology and necessary resources to supply high-quality components. Having modern manufacturing technology provides us with tailor-made solutions, customized and with high-quality finishing.

Our solutions are formed by different pieces of various sizes, so it is essential to fully control what and how these components are sent. Reliable, controlled and efficient.

Our experience guarantees us, both in projects at national and international level.

The assembly is carried out by our own teams of professional assemblers, who move to any country to assemble the different systems.

Safe, coordinated and effective.