Konvex Storage Systems


KONVEX is a global company specialized in projects and storage systems.

Flexibility, reliability, innovation and the highest quality are the basis of the company success. We carry out projects at a global level for the most important companies in the sector.

We are an international benchmark company for the implementation of logistic projects.

A reliable partner

We are committed to a long-term orientation by creating a close collaboration with our customers, business partners, and suppliers characterized by trust, quality, and loyalty.

We offer tailor-made projects and products with high added value and real benefits throughout the implementation process and throughout its utilization.

Quality culture

We work passionately to achieve the best results and the best experience for our customers.

Our projects, products, services, and methodologies must always fulfill what promises the name KONVEX: the highest quality and a concrete contribution to the success of our customers. To guarantee this quality, we continually invest in the improvement of processes, training of our employees, the development of our suppliers and modernization of our manufacturing centers.

We encourage a culture based on quality.

Family business

KONVEX is a family business owned by the Meca family.

As a business family, we seek a high-level of decision and action in all our activities. The basis for this purpose is our financial independence that we achieve through prudent economic management and the permanence in the company of the obtained yields.

Our independence translates into being able to act in a fast and autonomous way.

We assume responsibility

KONVEX as an active family company in projects around the world, has a great responsibility to its clients and their employees who work in the distribution centers. We are convinced that we can only be successful in the long-term if we consider these factors in our way of acting every day.

Our projects and products must be safe, ergonomic and efficient.

What if we could start over?

MECA-SYSTEM, S.L. in continuous growth at an international level, took on the important challenge of changing its business name and brand.

KONVEX takes over as a company of global scope specialized in projects and storage systems. Flexibility, reliability, responsibility, innovation and the highest quality are the basis of our company’s daily work.

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It was the beginning of the 90s, when Juan Meca founded the company MECA-SYSTEM, SL. Our beginnings are closely linked to the Cantilever system, where we provided our customers with the patent for the mobile arm. After the success of our cantilever systems, we expanded our products to mezzanines.

By the end of the 90s, the company had already started exporting products and systems all over the world.

KONVEX takes over from MECA-SYSTEM, SL

A company with an international presence

The Meca family, due to the continued international growth of MECA-SYSTEM, SL assumed in 2019 the important challenge of changing the brand and business name. KONVEX is a consolidated company capable of executing the most complex logistics projects at an international level. Our international character is reflected in our export quota of 80%.

Our employees, key to our success

We work with competent, motivated, loyal employees over many years who strive enthusiastically for our company.

The collaboration within our company is characterized by decency, mutual respect, fairness and trust.


Working at KONVEX

Come to stay.

Working at KONVEX means growth, both individually and collectively, worldwide projects and associated challenges fascinate the whole world.


We rely on competent and motivated employees who strive to reach our clients’ objectives thanks to their technical knowledge and personal involvement.


Our employees combine the passion for quality with the search and collaboration to find optimal solutions for our customers.

Quality Awareness

Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking. The quality in KONVEX is present in the details and in the ways of acting. It is achieved thanks to the responsibility and quality awareness of our employees.


KONVEX employees follow company-driven values. They are faithful and act with correctness both to the company and to the clients.


Collaboration in the company, with customers and our partners, is characterized by mutual respect, fair play, help, and trust.

Business culture based on teamwork

The collaboration in KONVEX is characterized by a style of practical work, planned and based on specific objectives. We promote interpersonal relationships based on equality, mutual respect, teamwork, continuous improvement, trust and loyalty.

Cohesive group

Our employees identify with the company, and they all have the passion for quality work. If you share our passion and want to actively participate, you will find in KONVEX a professional family with a wide range of options.